During the second half of the XIX century a devasted plague destroyed all the vineyards in Central Europe creating a great demand from these markets that could only be supplied by Spain. Peasants discovered that this plague could be stopped by protecting the roots of the vines covering them with beach sand.

In the meantime Juan Antonio Mompó Plá a donkey trader developed a successful business carrying sand with his donkeys where it was most needed. Being repaid with wine, he started re-selling. His business adventures would take him to far markets like Philippines, Japan, Cuba or Argentina.

In Honor to the founder of our saga we called our company Arenal “sandland”.

In the early 70’s the Mompó Family and the Teschendorff Family joined forces to create one of the most important wine companies in Spanish history, which was Europe’s wine leader for long time until it was absorbed by a multinational.

Both families worked inside the group until they decided to join forces again to give birth to Arenal.




Willy Teschendorff is probably the biggest expert in the bulk wine market. Third generation of his family dedicated to wine export is not just a technician, but a truly expert in  the Spanish wine market. His knowledge and experience in researching the Spanish wine production areas to find the right wine for our clients.

He founded Arenal Wines and Luxium Wines to continue working with passion for all our clients around the world.

Juan antonio mompó



With 40 years of experience in the wine sector, Juan A. Mompó left 6 years ago Domecq Bodegas CEO position to develop his own projects at Arenal Wines. After all these years working in multinationals, he brings all his experience to start a new project that can continue for generations.

Expert speaker at Spanish wine Observatory, speaker at Spanish sector at Brussels wine commission and member of different commissions of the chamber of commerce of Valencia. He has recently finished his thesis at Law school with cum Laude grade with his thesis about the influence of European laws in wine market.